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Northern Ireland
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Tanker No Chassis Scopa No
SST11 SA9STP102JB128513  133/SST11
SST18 15/34000/01 133/SST18
SST21 SA9STP102JS128442 133/SST21
SST44 YB4250013EL048131 133/SST44
SST45 YB4250013EL048132 133/SST45
SST50 SA9STP102JB128534 133/SST50
SST64 SA9STP102JS128443 133/SST64
SST76 CTB423STO844 133/SST76
SST77 CTB424STO844 133/SST77
SST78 CTB425ST0844 133/SST78
SST79 CTB426ST0844 133/SST79
SST94 CTB441ST0844 133/SST94
SST96 CTB442ST0844 133/SST/96
SST98 CTB443ST0844 133/SST/98
SST137 SA9STP010CB128326 133/SST/137
SST138    97/2405/T    133/SST138
SST139  SA9STP010CB128327 133/SST139
SST140   SA9STP010CB128328   133/SST140
SST160 SA9STP054ES128593 133/SST160
SST161 SA9STP054FS128739 133/SST161
SST164 SA9STP054FS128740 133/SST164
SST201  CC/3079/00  133/SST201
SST237 WFB334S9FE0050846 133/SST237
SST238 WFB334S9FE0050847 133/SST238
SST239 WFB334S9FE0050848 133/SST239
SST240 WFB334S9FE0050849 133/SST240
SST241 WFB334S9FE0050850 133/SST241
SST252 SA9STP055FS128284 133/SST252
SST254 SA9STPO55FS128289 133/SST254
SST255 SA9STPO55FS128294 133/SST255
SST256 SA9STPO55FS128299 133/SST256
SST257 SA9STP055GS128304 133/SST257
SCOPA warns on PAH's
The UK Seed Crushers and Oil Processors Association (SCOPA) is demanding greater vigilence from farmers to avoid high PAHs (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) in the UK rapeseed crop.  This year there have been several loads delivered to crush plants with extremely high PAH levels.  This is costing UK crushers hundreds of thousands of pounds to deal with.
Oil facts
Oil forms an important ingredient in a vast number of products, and has a wide array of applications, from food to cosmetics, plastics, pharmaceuticals, even biofuels. You can find some interesting oil facts here.
Fediol is the Federation that represents the vegetable oils and fats industry in the European Union. It works with national associations, like SCOPA, to ensure a favourable business environment for seed crushers and oil processors.
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